Leonardo G. Zangani

Leonardo G. Zangani

After thirty years in the investment and public relations field, we have switched our focus lobbing between American and European companies facilitating business and licensing opportunities .
Starting in the year 2003 L.G.Zangani, LLC has organized the annual event “Pharmafinance” in Milano and Roma.
Pharmafinance is unique in its structure and has the ability to expose opportunities generated offering licensing or developing opportunities.
Recently we have started the site www.letcombatpain.com creating the first worldwide site for pain news.
The site also offers an humanitarian tools where individuals or professionals confronted by unique and rare forms of pain can communicate with all the members of the group simply sending oneemail.
This ability of having a mass communication tool can also be used to expose innovative pain products or ideas.
Additionally has also been invited as speaker to several conferences in Europe to discuss the uniqueness and functionality of his site .

Marco Pappagallo

Dr. Marco Pappagallo

Neurology and Pain Medicine Consultant

Dr. Pappagallo is the recipient of a host of NIH and industry grants, honors and awards. He currently holds three patents for novel approaches to pain therapy long-lasting, non-opioid analgesic, vanilloid preparations that have been shown to reduce pain for weeks to months. In 2003, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) awarded Dr Pappagallo with a $1.7 M grant to study intravenous pamidronate for chronic back pain. His research has also involved controlled clinical trials of treatments for chronic back pain and studies focused on the epidemiology and pathophysiology of neuropathic pain. He is particularly known for his work in establishing opioid responsiveness in the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia. Dr Pappagallo has been enrolled in the Ordine dei Medici of Siena, Italy. He maintains an Italian medical license. He is also licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York.


Joseph V. Pergolizzi, Jr., MD

Chief Scientific Partner

Joseph V. Pergolizzi, Jr., MD, is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; an Adjunct Faculty member in the Department of Anesthesiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC; a senior partner in the Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates Group of Southwest Florida; and holds medical privileges at Physicians Day Surgery in Naples, Florida. Dr. Pergolizzi is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board for the Association of Chronic Pain Patients. He is a member of the board of directors and treasurer for the Coalition for Pain Education (COPE), co-founder and Director of Research at the International Pain Research and Treatment Foundation, and a member of the board of directors of the National Institute of Pain, and Always Healthcare. In addition, he serves as Chairman of the Scientific and Research Committee: Poster and Abstract Session for Pain Week, a multidisciplinary international medical conference sponsored by the American Society of Pain Educators, as well as serving as Facilitator and U.S. Board Member for the International Change Pain Initiative, a multidisciplinary Pan-European pain management educational medical consortium composed of globally recognized experts in pain medicine. Dr. Pergolizzi is a steering committee member of the Food and Drug Administration’s Safe Use Initiative..

De Novi.jpg

Gianluca De Novi Ph.D

Surgical Robotics and Surgery Simulation, Research Scientist at Harvard Medical School

Gianluca, graduated with a master degree and Ph.D from the University of Bologna, is now research scientist at the Harvard Medical School and at the Massachusetts General Hospital, working on projects concerning the VR surgical simulation (project owned by the U.S.Army department) and the surgical robotics. De Novi is also the owner of Hyper Vision an Italian company that develops surgical simulation platforms used for surgical training and intervention planning. Gianluca is also involved in different projects regarding the telemedicine and web-based services for pharma/biotech entities and pharmacies.

Ing. Enrico Bardone

Ing. Enrico Bardone

Biotech, Waste Management, & Alternative Energy Consultant

Enrico graduated from the Politecnico di Milano with a Degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently the Chairman of Biotech W.G. AIDIC. He is also a board member of Assobiotec and a member of the European Federation of Biotechnology). Ing. Bardone was the Chairman and CEO for more than sixteen years of Snamprogetti Biotechnologie & Snamprogetti Services. He has created a vast biotech network in Europe, which he leverages for our American clients.

Jeffrey Berg, Ph.D.

Pharma & Biotech Consultant

Jeffrey’s career spans 30 years in the health care industry as a scientist, consultant, analyst and medical writer. As a research scientist at Johnson & Johnson he was chosen Industrial Research magazine’s IR-100 award for developing an electrosurgical grounding pad. He is currently the Director of Bio-Imaging Technologies and serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards for Medical Technology Products, EndPoint Biocapital and CytRx. As Head of the International Healthcare Unit for PA Technology, he established extensive contacts in the medical products sector which he continues to leverage for clients.

Pierfrancesco C. Fasano

European Rules and Regulations Consultant

Pierfrancesco is a partner at Manzato & Associati – Studio Legale (www.manzatoassociati.it) with offices in Milano, Roma, Bergamo and Cesano Maderno. Pierfrancesco is the manager of the new technologies and intellectual properties group (IT & IP Dept.), additionally he is specializad in European Union Law, consuelling and litigation. His expertise covers: new technologies, privacy and data security protection services and telecommunication. Additionally, he covers intellectual property on life science and investment in India.

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