After thirty years on the Investment and public relation field
Leonardo has concentrate his efforts in helping the communications
between American and European entities in order to facilitate business
or licensing opportunities between the parties.
Starting in the year 2003 L.G.Zangani inc has organized the annual
event “Pharmafinance” either in Milano or Roma.
Pharmafinance is unique in his structure and has the finality of
exposing and creating licensing or developing opportunity.
Recently we have started the site www.letcombatpain.com with the
function of creating a worldwide aggregation of pain news and also
offer an humanitarian tool of communication for individual or
professional suffering of unique and rare forms of Pain. The site
offer also the opportunity of showing new pain products or idea
creating a place where to find such opportunities.
Our major areas of interest are : Pain in all his forms, Diabetes and Medical food.

Our role is that of cooperating with companies that are searching for
capitals to expand or start a business; VC connections; looking for
new overseas markets for their products or products to distribute in
the American market.